Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vu This!

While completing an online professional development course (sponsored by my school district), I discovered a Web2.0 tool called VuVox. This tool creates a panorama that allows the use to incorporate video and other media.

I decided to introduce the tool to my Career Preparation students. They are studying job health and safety factors. To help them understand the importance of the topic, I am having them create a VuVox that will first outline potential health and safety issues in their chosen careers and then present ways that employers and employees can work together to lessen and/or eliminate those issues. I had to work with them on how to research, but they are beginning to make the connections...yeah!

We're in the middle of the project right now, but things seem to be going well. Some of the students are perplexed that I don't know everything about VuVox (I'm learning with them). I told them that it's fun to learn with's even more fun for me when they learn about a tool and then teach me!

I'll be sure to post some of their products as we finish this project!

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