Saturday, August 1, 2009

11.5 More Things: Thing 5-Microblogging

Microblogging...I like MicroBlink's definition best:
Microblogging [mahy-kroh-blŏg-ing] verb: A small-scale form of blogging,
generally made up of short, succinct messages, used by both consumers and
businesses to share news, post status updates and carry on conversations.

I'm hooked on it. I've reached the point where I'm not sure I want to be with out it. Twitter and Facebook make it easy to communicate with friends, collaborate with colleauges, connect with groups of interest, and keep abreast of news and current events. Bill Gates wrote a book called, "Business at the Speed of Thought." The digital age has brought us to "Life at the Speed of Thought." Microblogging does its part to help keep me...all of us...current with our ever-changing environment.

Even better, microblogging allows me to connect with educators and business leaders. I've developed virtual relationships with experts in marketing, business, entrepreneurship, education, and technology. I've learned from them--gleaned from their expertise. All this connectedness results in my becoming a better, more well-informed teacher...which in turn promotes a better, more engaged learning environment for my students. Laura Walker's Post really says it best.

I use both Twitter and Facebook to help connect my Junior Achievment students. In addition, I've used backchanneling in a few of my classes. I think it's a great tool for class--it does take patience and training, however, to get students on board with the how to use it properly. Here's one personal example of how I used Chatzy this past school year (with great success).

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