Saturday, August 1, 2009

11.5 More Things: Thing 4-Video Hosting

YouTube. TeacherTube. SchoolTube. Vimeo. UStream...

I have accounts at all of these sites. I have posted most of my videos; however, on YouTube. Until recently, they were the only site that accepted larger videos...trouble is, though I can't get to YouTube from my classroom (hopefully, that will change soon).

In the meantime, I utilize video in my classes from the other sites I listed here and also from places like Hulu. While surfing the "CATE" (Career & Technology Education) channel on TeacherTube, I found this video. If this doesn't inspire us as teachers to revolutionize our teaching methodologies, nothing will.

Ever since meeting Frank Guttler this past January, I've wanted to incorporate video into my curriculum. I think it's a great way to teach (utilizing Vidcasting) content and I believe it's a great avenue for students to demonstrate content mastery. I'm so convinced of this that I've requested a number of video cameras and related equipment for my classroom this year. If all goes well, my students will start incorporating video (along with a host of other digital tools) in my classes. Be looking for some terrific student-generated material!!! :-)

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