Saturday, August 1, 2009

11.5 More Things: Thing 2-Image Generators

I really enjoyed learning about new image generators. I was already familiar with Wordle and Animoto. I wasn't, however, familiar with WordSift, Glogster, VoiceThread, Voki, or Bookr. I've spent the last 4 hours or so 'playing' with these new tools. My mind is spinning on how I can incorporate them into my curriculum!

WordSift: Works a lot like Wordle, but the words in the cloud become links to further information. Great tool for research!

Glogster: Had a blast with this one! In ten minutes I created a poster that presents a snapshot of my Junior Achievement officers at the North American Company of the Year competition in Boston. I can see my students using this tool to complete assignments in class, illustrate information and research...I believe that I can even use this as an effective assessment tool. Perhaps the best feature of Glogster is its 'interactiveness.' Students can embed audio, video, images, and text. In addition, this tool allows students to be very creative in how they present the material (a big plus in my book!).

VoiceThread: Interactive Podcasting? My first thought was to have student teams create threads based on what we are studying in class. Then other student teams could listen and add relevant information to the thread. A great way to study...and, it gives me yet another assessment tool!

Animoto: Fun tool! I created a video a couple of months back. I had fun...if I did, I know the students will. I could use this tool to present new information to students, or students could use animoto to present research information, etc. The only drawback here is that you have to subscribe ($$) to create videos longer than 30 seconds.

Voki: Awesome! I would love to use this tool to introduce assignments to my students, welcome them to class, review...wouldn't it be a great way for students to share information to help them study for a test? Lots of Vokis embedded on our wiki? Sounds like a fun way to study to me!

Here's my first attempt at creating a Voki:

Bookr: This tool was really easy to use. A great way for students to illustrate learned material. The only drawback that you have to have the images uploaded to Flickr to use this tool. What would make this tool even more useful is if you could upload images from your computer and/or other sites like Facebook.


  1. you can apply for an edcational pass for longer Animotos that would not cost $. Go to the site and click on the education link at the bottom of the homepage for more info

  2. Thanks for the 'heads up.' I like Animoto and would love for my students to have access to it!!