Saturday, August 1, 2009

11.5 More Things: Thing 1

Last summer I had the priviledge to participate in online PD through my district--the PD was called "23 Things." The training introduced me to Web2.0 technologies and helped me brainstorm ideas on how I could integrate these technologies into my classroom.

It was awesome! My students began reflecting on assignments using blogs instead of paper/pen notebooks. They set up Readers, subscribed to RSS feeds, shared information via social bookmarking, and completed several projects using only Web2.0.

This summer, I once again have the opportunity to learn "11.5 More Things" via online PD from my district. I want to learn more and integrate more into my curriculum...thus keeping my students actively engaged in their learning.

"Thing 1" includes a great video. Here it is...BTW: this is my goal for my students!

Here we go!!!!

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