Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Awesome Trade Fair!

The 2010 Trade Fair has come and gone...once again my students did a great job! They were professional and just did great during the competition. We were perplexed that we didn't win best booth, but they did win 3rd place for highest sales!!

The students have started a Facebook Page to help promote WINC and sell the remainder of their inventory. Stop by our us...order some products (credit cards accepted!)...we'll ship them to you!! All the ordering information is on our Info Page!!

See you on FaceBook!!!

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  1. Mrs. Cuellar! I'm glad to see you've returned to Blogger.

    I miss JA a lot and wish I could re-live some of the great times I had with the group. I'm glad to hear that WINC is still holding strong :). Could there maybe be an Alumni JA get together in the future? (just an idea)

    -Erika B