Monday, November 8, 2010

The Return

Over the past year, I've allowed just about everything to interfere with my blogging. I'd like to see that trend end.

The start to this year has been a wild one--filled with more than just a little stress. It's November now and 'things' are beginning to settle in a bit. I find that now, more than ever I want to begin blogging again. So much is happening with my classes--how I'm implementing new technologies, finding different ways to deliver instruction--I want to share those experiences with others.

For example--one of the courses I am teaching this year is Business Law. If I'm not careful, it could become a very dry subject. Well, the students are studying about classifications of property right now. To help 'liven up' the topic, I created a mini-project for them. I chose to have them use Glogster to create their posters. Here's an example of how one student made this project just POP!

Here's another example that I liked as well (view this post)

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