Sunday, August 16, 2009


In just a week we'll begin a new school year in Texas...where did the summer go?? Oh yeah, that's right...I (gladly) spent my summer preparing for and attending the Junior Achievement North American Company of the Year competition with the officers of our JA Company Program, WINC. Awesome performance by our group (BTW). Very proud...and...that's right...I completed another online PD with my district, studied for and passed the MCAS Word exam, attended Conference and spent my weekends at tennis tourneys with my son...whew! Busy (but very fun) summer!

Now, it's time to complete my preparations for the upcoming school year. I received my schedule last Thursday. I will be teaching 'lots' of BCIS this year...which is great 'cause several of us will be piloting a program to help our students with certifications in IC3 and MCAS. WooHoo! Awesome...

I'll also have a couple of sections of Sports Marketing again this year as well. Thanks to last year's online PD, I was able to implement some cool Web2.0 technologies in this class...the students produced some great work.

I want to expand that this year. I will be expanding my unit on digital citizenship in all of my classes this year. I found that most of my students (last year) needed more than what I covered in class (especially when it came utilizing tools like backchanneling). I will be receiving video cameras...YEAH!!! I plan to utilize them in the Sports Marketing classes. I believe they will be a great resource for students to demonstrate creativity and content mastery..very exciting...

I've learned so much this summer that it's hard not to become overwhelmed. I have to keep telling myself, "Baby steps, just take baby steps." Maybe one day I'll be as "on" in my teaching as Vicki Davis, or Dan Meyer, but for steps...


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