Monday, July 28, 2008

Thing #15 - Web 2.0 - Library 2.0 (Classroom 2.0)

I was blown away by the video A Vision of Students Today (the video is beneath this post) from TeacherTube. I wish that every teacher I know would not only view this video, but internalize its message. I left Corporate America to teach...I desire earnestly to reach students help prepare them for both college and career. I understand that to reach them and for them to truly learn I have to meet them 'where they are.'

Kids today are in sync with's practically in their DNA. They are proficient multi-taskers. They cannot be reached in a one-dimensional classroom. I understand this.... The vast majority of my lessons are interactive. I play music in my classroom everyday. I make sure that my students conduct Internet research and complete online activities. This year, I will incorporate blogging to replace notebook journals as the students' reflection piece after completing lessons.

Of the 5 perspectives listed in the Discovery Exercise for this 'Thing,' I enjoyed (and could relate to) Dr. Wendy Shultz' article, To a Temporary Place in Time... most. Dr. Schultz not only embraces the changes, but also looks to the future with excitement. Libraries are morphing (or mutating) into interactive learning environments to meet the needs of their patrons--shouldn't our classrooms do the same?


  1. I appreciate your comments on A Vision of Students Today. I find it interesting that you left the business world to teach. I hope you have not been disappointed. It sounds as if you are the kind of teacher we need in "interactive learning environments!"

  2. Grendel,
    Thank you ever so much for the compliment...and for the record...I've not been disappointed...quite the conntrary!! It's difficult to find the right words on just how rewarding this journey is. I am so thankful for opportunities (Like the 23Things project) to learn new and exciting ways of reaching my students. I can hardly wait for this year to begin! Incorporating what I have learned this summer into my lessons will be both a challenging and exhilarating experience!!