Sunday, August 2, 2009

11.5 More Things: Thing 9-Slideshare

My husband has been trying to get me into SlideShare for a while now. I've resisted because I felt there are better forms of communicating on the Net.

I stand corrected (sort of). There are (in my opinion) better forms of communication on the net, but after digging through the SlideShare site for a while it hit me...there are a LOT of professionals that are posting their expertise here--expertise from which my students can benefit. In addition, if (when) I have students that produce a quality presentation about something they have been researching, they just might get noticed and recognized for their work (by someone other than me). That's a good thing...

Moreover, I really like what I see with authorSTREAM. It's like SlideShare on steroids. I especially like the Present Live feature because it works with VoIP applications like Skype.

I found this presentation on authorSTREAM...note how only the children wanted to stop and listen...our students want us to take the time for them--will we??

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