Sunday, August 2, 2009

11.5 More Things: Thing 7-Video Resources

Integrating video and other multimedia is becoming a regular practice for me. For example, in my Sports Marketing Class I utilize Google Video searches and Hulu to show commercials to the students. The students analyze various elements within the commercials and then make suggestions on what changes they could make to reach a different target audience. During my video searches on this particular thing, I came across this video from marketing students are going to love this!

This past January, I had the priviledge of completing a workshop Frank Guttler at the Flat Classroom Conference. Frank is part of the AFI Screen Education. I am very excited about the possibilities of integrating video production as part of the learning process in my classes. The site includes a Teacher Path and a Student Path. The paths include both written guides and video tutorials so that teachers can learn and then teach students how to create effective videos.

I found an updated "Did You Know?" on YouTube. Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman have done an excellent job illustrating challenges and opportunities we face in the digital age. I plan to show this video to all of my students (probably on the first day of school)...I want to stress to the importance of becoming life-long learners (and having fun while you learn, too).

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