Sunday, January 25, 2009

Impressions from Oman

Attending the Flat Classroom Conference has provided the opportunity for those of us from Spring Woods High School to meet the students and teachers with which we have worked for the past semester and that's great. But more than that, the students are deepening their understanding of other peoples and cultures as they work toward planning a new Flat Classroom Project.

It was fun to connect on the Ning and the Wiki during the project; it's even more fun to collaborate face-to-face. I believe both are important. I had the chance to speak with one of the student groups from Oman as we toured Doha yesterday. Here are their impressions of the of Flat Classroom Project.

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  1. I have truly enjoyed viewing the pictures and videos that you and the students have put online for us. I could really "hear" the enthusiasm of your students towards the whole experience from the video you all did answering questions from your class. Thanks for using all the tools to share with us...
    personal observation from the pictures and views on video: the countryside is quite beautiful in its starkness!