Sunday, January 11, 2009

7 "Things" About Me...

I was tagged by Ernie Easter, who was tagged by Mark Spahr, who was tagged by Richard Byrne...well, you get the idea.

I've been tagged to share seven things about me that my PLN may not know. Since I'm fairly new to the blogosphere, my fledgling PLN just may want to know a little bit more about this Texas, here goes...

1. I sang in a gospel rock band. That's right! Back in the early 80's I spent a couple of years singing both lead and backup vocals in a local gospel rock band. We did some of our own material as well as covers from bands like Petra, the Resurrection Band, Mylon LeFevre, and DeGarmo and Key.

2. I didn't start college until I was 25. When I graduated high school in '82, I was all set to attend Stephen F. Austin State University. Instead, I got married to my 'high school sweetheart.' By the age of 23, I was divorced with a 6-month old son and no education. Times were tough and it took awhile, but I now hold a BBA (graduated Summa Cum Laude) and an MBA. This is a story I share with my high school students in hopes of motivating them to graduate college before they get married and start a family.

3. Some of my dad's ancestors were highlanders. I've been told that my dad's ancestors were part of the Robertson clan...I would love to visit Scotland one day and see in person that beautiful country.

4. Incompetence drives me insane! I have a sticker on my home office computer that says, "I'm tired of stupid people." My impatience with the incompetent sometimes comes across to others as snobbishness or rudeness, but I don't mean for it to...honest...I'm working on this, but I have to tell you that I just feel there's no excuse for laziness or incompetence.

5. I have cheated death--twice. Once: when I was four--I almost choked to death on a piece of Halloween candy. It was blue...I was blue and passing out before my dad manage to dislodge it from my throat. Twice: when I was 20--I almost drown tubing down the Guadalupe River in Texas. My tube was pulled to the rough side of the rapids--civil service volunteers had to pull me from the water, very scary.

6. I wanted to play Tennis competitively when I was young. 'old school' parents felt that girls shouldn't play sports. I've followed the sport for years, but, I just picked up the game after my son started playing a few years ago. I would love to devote more time to the sport--to learn how to play more competitively--but my schedule with school and Junior Achievement just won't permit it. So, I play when I can...I have lots of fun playing with my son (who beats me regularly!)

7. I want to meet Tom Petty and Ted Nugent. I have never been one to become starry-eyed over celebrities; in fact, I don't read about them or watch shows about them because I just can't stand the hype. The only celebrities I've ever wanted to meet are Tom Petty and Ted Nugent. I love their music...have seen them both in concert multiple times...they just both seem like very interesting people. I think I'd like to talk politics with them...

People that I would like to see participate? I'm not sure who has been tagged, but I would like to see these people participate (or send me their link if they already have)

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