Saturday, November 22, 2008

Attending the Flat Classroom Conference...Will You Help?

This semester my students and I have been priviliged to participate in the 2008 Flat Classroom Project created by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsey (my mentors, whether they realize it or not!). The project is based on Thomas Friedman's best selling book, The World is Flat.

Participating in the Project is incredible. My students are producing content on the Flat Classroom Wiki with students from around the globe. What they are creating is simply phenomonal to me. Tony Wagner would be proud of the type of "redefined rigor." ::smiles:: I never ceased to be amazed at what students can do whenever teachers get out of the way.

I digress...

The culmination of this year's Flat Classroom Project is the Flat Classroom Leadership Conference and Student Summit to be held in Doha, Qatar this coming January. I have been given permission by my School Board to attend the conference with 9 of my students involved in the project. We REALLY want to attend this conference! My students will come away from this experience enriched, engaged, and ready to succeed as they go off into college.

But...I trip like this costs big $$$. We are in the process of fundraising. I'm posting this out in the blogoshere looking for Angels who see the benefits and will help our students. My students and I have started a "Conference Blog." You can follow our Project progress on this blog...we've also posted a Sponsorship Brochure , which includes a Donation Form. All donations are tax deductable...

Will you help?

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  1. Thank you for this post, it will be on my blog tomorrow morning and I Hope this will help start getting the word out. I also put information through twitter as well. I hope we can start finding some people who believe in the vision of this and help us get your students to Qatar.