Friday, August 15, 2008

We're Back!!!

Yesterday was my first 'official' day back...although, I came back to work this past Monday to get started setting up my lab. It takes a while to arrange all the desks and re-connect all the computers after the custodial staff finishes waxing the floors.

Only this year I was greeted with a crashed server...what fun...the curriculum we use to teach Computer Applications (in Texas we call it BCIS), is server based (no textbook, yeah!). It's wonderful curriculum...I would recommend it to anyone teaching CompApps. I called TPTB right away...they came and picked up the server, but I still don't have it back and I am supposed to conduct teacher training on all the software We'll see what happens!

I've been so busy with setting up my room and dealing with the server issue that I haven't had much time to read through my favorite blogs to discover new nuggets of wisdom--or blog for that matter. So, I came into my classroom very early this morning to update my Google Reader and read through some of my favorites...and post an entry...

Although I enjoyed several posts, one really hit me...I found it on Andrew Meyers''s about VED Analysis. As a newbie to Web2.0 and its potential to transform my classroom and my teaching, I've found myself a bit overwhelmed by all the (incredible) information out there. Thanks to Mr. Meyers I realized this morning that what's important is to decide what is Vital, Essential, and Desirable for teaching success.

I'm looking forward to all this year will bring!

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