Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thing #20 YouTube and TeacherTube (part 2)

Once again, I learned volumes from this Discovery Exercise. For me this exercise was about much more than embedding video into my blog, this exercise forced me to do further research on the people and topics about which I am passionate. Once of the videos that I found was on UStream. It was posted by my (now) favorite teacher blogger, Vickie Davis. It's an interesting discussion with a student regarding Student 2.0.

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

The other video I found was on YouTube. This video was shot during the Edublogger's Conference 2008. The content is good, but take special note of who is featured in the video. Their names and websites are sited there. Many of them I have learned about during my participation in the 23Things this summer. I am in the process of tagging these educator's blogs/websites for future reference...my circle of the wise in increasing...

Edit to Post (7/31/2008): When I played the YouTube video through my blog, the names and websites of the 'wise' in the video did not appear. If you want to copy their names/sites from the video directly from YouTube, click here.

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