Monday, July 28, 2008

Thing #19 - Web 2.0 Awards List

What a list! This discovery exercise challenged me to find a 'useful tool' from the Web 2.0 Awards List--a tool that I can incorporate into my classroom. I have been seeing Twitter and Digg icons everywhere, so I had to investigate those sites...I joined both! However, I don't know the District policy on accessing those sites, so I am not sure if I would be able to incorporate them into my curriculum.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, probably is not blocked by the firewall. This site would be a great way of exposing my Junior Achievement students to business professionals that could answer various questions for them. I joined the site (big surprise) so that I could surf through its offerings. There's an area there where you can ask questions and professionals with the knowledge/expertise in said area can answer you. This may be a great tool for assisting my students that are members of our Junior Achievement Company Program.

With that said...if I am able to access Digg through our firewall, I believe that it would be a great asset to my Marketing class. The students would be able to 'dig' articles related to various aspects of marketing (novel idea!).

I will be on campus tomorrow working on grants with another business teacher...I will try to access Digg and Twitter within the district...I'll report back to you all on my progress...


  1. I didn't look at Digg but need to do that. Like you I've seen that icon everywhere.

  2. You'll like's a great way to expose your students to relevant articles and so far Spring Branch can still access it through the network (keep your fingers crossed!)